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                                      We carry a full line of packing and moving supplies!
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Small box:  16x12x12

The smaller the box the heavier the items you can pack.  These are great for books, tools, canned goods, and records.


Medium Box: 18x18x16

Useful for small appliances, photo albums, shoes, linens and miscellaneous kitchen items.


Large Box: 18x18x24

Great for pots and pans, toys, lampshades and other large items.


Extra Large: 24x18x22.5

Lightweight items should be packed in this box.  Items such as pillows, comforters, towels, clothing, shoes, and large lampshades are easily packed and moved in this box.


Dish Pack Box:  18x18x28

This is an extra heavy corrugated box designed to protect your fine china, stemware, and  art objects.  All items need to be wrapped in bubble wrap or newsprint for protection.


Mirror Box:  22x31 (2pc) expands to 40x60 (4pc)

This box telescopes and extends to 40”x60” and will protect mirrors, paintings, and wall hangings.  Each should be individually wrapped in bubble wrap for protection.


Lamp Box:  12x12x41

This box is designed especially for packing table lamps but is useful for a variety of long narrow items.


Wardrobe Box:  24x21x45 ¾

This box comes with a bar to hang clothing and  also has room at the bottom to pack lightweight, bulky items.


Legal Tote: 12x15x10

Safe storage for important papers & records.

We also carry:

  ●   Bubble Wrap

  ●   Newsprint (blank) 12.5# - 25#

  ●   Packing Tape

  ●   Locks